Iam a journalist with more than a decade of experience creating highly visual, provocative and investigative news stories for TV and online.  I am based in Vancouver and currently file energy, environment and political stories for the National Observer, while doing double-duty as a news photographer.

My experience is also built on 9 years as a CBC TV reporter of more than 1,000 CBC TV stories, from Winnipeg, Toronto and Vancouver.  

I often research stories using Freedom of Information, conducting expert interviews, and gathering records from the courts and online.  I’ve had success chasing difficult-to-get interviews, and organizing large volumes of investigative information.  My experience includes tracking the drug trade and tracing industrial pollution, for example.

I am also an experienced news photographer and video producer, skilled at shooting, editing and producing.

To better present my journalism online, I recently sharpened my digital skills at Simon Fraser University in the areas of social media, SEO, and HTML.

National Observer

I recently joined the National Observer as its senior reporter.

Vancouver Observer

Since 2014, I filed lots of stories on energy politics for the Vancouver Observer.

CBC TV Stories

Recent Projects

Pacific Wild sails into herring eco-controversy

While travelling to the remote central B.C. coast to cover an explosive Heiltsuk First Nation herring dispute, I climbed aboard Pacific Wild’s Habitat vessel to witness their world-class photography of the area’s stunning wildlife, which includes orcas, porpoises, wolves and grizzlies.  Wrote a feature story, and produced this video:

Burnaby Mountain videos

During the 10-day injunction barring protesters from interfering with Kinder Morgan drillers on Burnaby Mountain, I shot and produced several videos.  In this solemn moment, the Grand Chief of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs crosses the police tape.

UBC Aboriginal Forestry video

Prior to returning to journalism, I produced these two UBC videos to promote the Faculty of Forestry to Aboriginal students.

PR services for world-class violinist

Recently, an internationally renown violinist friend of mine, Yi-Jia Susanne Hou, recorded a very special performance with the London Symphony Orchestra.  It was a touching tribute to her parents — including Alec Hou who once performed for China’s Chairman Mao — but also a goodbye to a $6-million violin on loan to her.  I generated overwhelming media attention for her story, including CBC TV and Radio, CTV, Global TV, Chinese press, and a front-page treatment in the Globe & Mail.

Full Media Release

Yi-Jia Susanne Hou and Kreisler violin on front cover of Globe & Mail 4 w1000

My Story

“My reporting career started with a van crash in Africa.“

While still a journalism student at Ryerson University in Toronto, I travelled to Uganda in 2004 with a Ugandan-Canadian student-friend to shoot a TV feature about the explosive growth of road traffic injuries in Africa.  Ironically, we got into a highway traffic accident while shooting a story about road traffic accidents!  We ending up selling our documentary to a national CBC TV program, and I earned a job as a CBC TV reporter.

I got my start with the broadcaster in Canada’s north, shooting, editing, and reporting my own stories. I often focused my lens on First Nations and hydro-electric issues, as well as the region’s stunning wildlife, including polar bears and beluga whales.

I then moved south, to become a daily CBC TV reporter in Winnipeg, filing breaking news, and special features.  I also filed regularly for The National on weekends.

Environment Reporter

One of my main beats was the environment.  I covering everything from climate change, to biodiversity loss, to energy issues.  I followed new developments in electric vehicle technology, and the Bakken oil and gas boom for instance.

Over the years, I was also involved in several investigative efforts.  I tracked the crack cocaine trade for example.  I was fortune to work closely with top investigative journalists from the Fifth Estate.

Documentary in China

A career highlight for me was a documentary I shot and produced in China about a a world-class violinist.  The feature aired on CBC’s The National and won an honourable mention at an international TV awards program.

Return to Shanghai” traces the life of Canadian virtuoso violinist Susanne Hou, and her journey back to China with her father — a renown violinist himself, who once performed for Chairman Mao.  It’s a tale about a father-daughter’s shared love of music, overcoming persecution, and ultimately what it takes to become world class.

In 2012, I stepped down from the CBC following the birth of my child.  I then pursued a long-time family dream of living on the west coast.  After arriving in Vancouver, for a time, I consulted as a video producer and a public relations adviser.

Vancouver journalist

But journalism kept calling my name.  I now file regularly for the award-winning Vancouver Observer news website, where I focus on energy and the environment, especially oil and gas developments.  I’ve travelled across B.C., including to the far north, and enjoy researching, photographing, and writing stories that are worth doing.

In the fall of 2014, I extensively covered the Burnaby Mountain story for example, from the courtrooms to the dramas in an urban conservation forest, where an astonishing 100 people were arrested.

I also teach TV journalism at Pull Focus Film School.

Mychaylo Prystupa and Kenedy Jawoko standing next to crashed van in northern Uganda


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